We’ve seen (and worked with) some fantastic travel bloggers, foodies, and many other creatives minds that publish some great content in their own niches. There’s no arguing that a great looking and informative post on a blog or Instagram is great inbound content that’ll drive people towards the topic they’re looking for… but rather than focus on the specific areas of interest most publications follow, we’re focused around our community. 

We love telling the stories of the small businesses, helpful organizations, scenic locales, and opportunities for adventure that are accessible to all of us, right in our own backyard. Regardless of where you are, we guarantee there are some great places to eat, spend time with friends & family, or have a spur of the moment weekend excursion. That’s your backyard. 

Our only goal is to share ours with you, in hopes that you’ll be inspired to do the same. We’re just two creative people (and some friends) using our talents to offer up some fun content to our community. 

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