Ashley Farney (Caldarone)

As a figure artist I was initially drawn by the Japanese & Chinese animated series and films I watched as a child. Eventually I began my academic career pursuing illustration, and delving into the realm of printmaking. Still enamored by capturing the human body, severe carpal tunnel complications disallowed such a physically demanding medium. I was able to tacitly transition the compositional skills I’d acquired towards photography— earning a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the University of Rhode Island.

While in school, I took the opportunity to study abroad at Inha University in South Korea; where I embraced a culture that produces both visual and musical art that greatly inspires my own work. While in Korea, I became a part of an international community of my peers who enjoyed the gratification awarded to teaching foreign language which lead me to seek out my TEFL certification.

My work is heavily weighted in portraiture, lifestyle & blogging documentation, and telling the stories of abandoned urban and rural locales I visit. While being technically proficient and accurate in my photography, I strive to not let that side of the practice get in the way of discovery. 

I’ve worked with the many popular bloggers, publications, and businesses in the creativity focused community of Rhode Island, where I live. My professional career might focus on the corporate national and international world at large, however I am still driven to offer value back to the community around me, and those who live and work within it. 

As director of Explore Your Backyard, we collectively pool our talents to publish videos and articles around some of the most fun, exciting, and unique adventures we can all experience in Southern New England (and beyond). We strive to share affordable, family (and dog) friendly, and local destinations that are perfect for a weekend excursion.

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