Happy Birthday Revival Brewing Co.

The tasting room on Atwood Ave is a cozy affair, held together with all the doodles, games, tunes that are necessary for a closely knit team to make phenomenal brews and share them with the world. Revival Brewing Co. has worked hard to shape their brand into a staple of the community. With brewing roots from the 90s, the passion for flavor and experimentation has grown into five years of the Revival family

Exploring with a Friend!

We tend to do most of our exploring with the same people, always going to places we haven't been before, but there is nothing wrong with exploring what you know with someone new!

This past weekend our friend from our time at the University of Rhode Island came from New York to stay with us over the holiday. Even with the weather being varied, we were able to enjoy all that southern New England has to offer when it wasn't raining! 

Food Trucks for Charity

One of the best parts about the summer is the amount of festivals, farmer's markets, and events that you can enjoy on the weekends!  What is better than going out with friends and family and getting to know the people and businesses around you?!

Revival Brewing Co. [Cranston, RI]

If you have an hour or two free on a weekend, it’s not too much of a hassle to find some of your local brewers and pay them a visit; we did just that in Cranston, Rhode Island at the home of Revival Brewing Company (@revivalbrewing on Instagram).

Explore South Korea [Part IV]

Food. When most people talk about South Korea they talk about the food. Taking cosmetic products into consideration, the greatest gift South Korea has given the United States is their food. Los Angels has an enormous Korean population, and has given birth to some fantastic fusion flavors. On our side of the continent, Boston (and to a lesser degree, Providence) has its own selection of Korean resturants and food trucks. 

Explore South Korea [Part III]

We said South Korea was an affordable place to spend a week off— if you live in the US, that means the standard monetary unit of 1000 Won will set you back around 0.80 USD. The Won more or less mirrors the Canadian Dollar, and because most foods and goods are locally sourced, most everything you encounter will be 10%-20% cheaper than you’re used to. I’d have to say the majority of transactions were able to be completed with our normal credit cards, and ATMs for western banks were easy enough to find. 

Explore South Korea [Part II]

Incheon International Airport has been deemed the best airport in the world, eleven years running. Aside from the normal slew of fast food chains you’d expect, there’s a significant selection of stores, duty free shops, and cafe’s behind the security line; so even if your flight’s delayed a bit you’ll have a good time. 

Explore South Korea [Photos]

Here's all of the great shots we took while we were out Exploring South Korea! Thanks to everyone we met who gave us awesome experiences; and kudos to our friend Hannah for meeting us.

Take the time to enjoy, comment, and share. 

Explore South Korea [Part I]

Why South Korea? That’s the first thing most people ask when they hear where we went on vacation. While most people think of warm climates, scenic vistas, excellent food, vibrant culture, and fun shopping as perfect options for a holiday— for some reason they routinely miss the mention of South Korea, yet all of those destination attributes are covered. I wouldn’t have chosen it for a vacation myself, except my wife had lived there for a semester during college. Since I had that window into the culture, I knew what to expect and was thrilled to visit. We had a great time, and I can happily recommend a South Korean vacation to anyone.

Artist Matchup Collaboration

For the past couple of weeks I have been in collaboration with Cathy Pereira Catudal, for our exhibit at the MBTI Matchupcurated by Brooke Erin Goldstein and Abigael McGuire. Featuring twelve collaborative pairs of artists of different mediums, the Matchup showcases the unique way artistic minds can come together and create fascinating works of art.